Lamps – Gallery

Lamps by miRakeLjus are made to enlighten, mystify and soothe their rooms. The lamps are inspired by nature, by natural patterns, by the playfulness of light and shadow. Lamps by miRakeLjus are made using a combination of old (recycled) and new material.

All miRakeLjus lamps are handmade as a result, they are all unique. The lamps that are similar, are made in limited editions. Because of that, miRakeLjus lamps may not reappear in the webshop.

On this page the whole miRakeLjus family stays complete. Enjoy!

If you are interested in adopting one of these lamp, please check out our webshop:

If the lamp is not availlable in the webshop, please email me, and we can discuss how I can make a new lamp according to your wishes!